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Sunsave Power Projects (Pty) Ltd  provide turnkey solutions for electric power in South Africa and Africa. We are a level four BEE company.

Power Project focuses on three areas of power solutions.

Power Saving

Using Solar PV electricity generation to reduce your kWh charges

Power factor correction to reduce your kVA charges.

Payback in Solar can be from 4 – 12 years and power factor from 3 – 15 months depending on your charges.

Power generation

Using Solar PV or battery technology to generate additional power for your factory.

Off grid power generation for rural areas, farms and lodges that have no electricity.

We install systems from 10kW – 18 MegaWatt.

Water Pumping

Pump water in remote areas can be difficult as there may not be any power available.

Power Projects have a range of Pre-configured water pump solution for 220 single phase/ three phase and 400 VAC three phase from 0.75 kW – 55 kW.

Water Solutions

  1. Constant pumping
  2. Pressure system – maintain a certain pressure in your lines
  3. Tank filling
  4. Irrigation
  5. Remote stop start of solar drives