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Power Projects  do not make any assumptions.power-analyzer-pce-pa-8000

Analysing your Electricity  account together with a full datalog of your power requirements is prefered.

We install our own analysers that are calibrated annually to ensure correct readings.

The analyses will measure the following parameters and many more.

Item Use 
Power Factor Used to detemine savings on your kVA charges
Voltage Check if your voltage from Eskom is fluctuating
Current Balance of loads and max min levels
Harmonics Harmonics can cause damage to your equipment and Power Factor Systems
Frequency Check for stability

Note We have not listed all the parameters

We also look for abnormal peaks in your load profile that can indicate faulty or potential pending equipment failure.

Cost of analyses is refunded on placing an order for either a solar installation or Power Factor System.

One week analyses will cost R 4750.00 Excl Vat + R 2.50 Per kilometer.

While our charges are not high we need to cover fuel, cost of equipment, calibration, technician time.

Click here to get a copy of a sample report.

Beware of free analyses – such analyses tends to be superficial and not detailed.