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String inverter

The SunMaster CS solar inverter builds on 20 years of experience and know how by the Mastervolt R&D centre in Amsterdam. This results in key features such as conversion efficiencies up to 98%, extremely low system losses and a wide input window up to 1000 V.

Quick installation, low maintenance

The SunMaster CS comes with a mounting bracket and a waterproof AC plug for quick and flexible installation. Integrated handles assist in moving and lifting the CS with ease. Once installed, the SunMaster CS requires very little maintenance.

Maximum annual yield

The SunMaster CS is developed based on Mastervolt’s unique philosophy. In addition to maximum efficiency, we focus on high yields in less than optimal conditions. As a result, the SunMaster CS has various exclusive features:

  • By starting up at optimal voltage, the SunMaster CS extends the solar day, while its low no-load consumption helps convert solar power down to the last ray of sun.
  • The SunMaster CS is immune to minor electricity failures and only goes offline when absolutely necessary.
  • The MPP tracker tracks the light conditions quickly and carefully, even in changing weather conditions. Tests in realistic conditions show that 99.8% of the available PV power is converted!
  • The transformerless non-isolated SunMaster CS achieves a stable and high conversion efficiency over the whole input range.
  • The SunMaster CS stays cool, even in warm outside temperatures, maximizing efficiency and lifespan.

Reactive Power settings

Depending on local regulations, utilities may require provision of reactive power. All SunMaster CS models are fully prepared for the German low voltage directive VDE-AR-4105, the German medium voltage guidelines published by BDEW, and meet the requirements for low and medium-high voltage in Italy; CEI-021. These features will be activated when the corresponding country is selected during commissioning.

Product code: 131210300

General specifications Operating temperature -20 °C to 60 °C; full power up to 45 °C -4 to 140 °F Enclosure coated aluminium Protection degree IP65 for outdoor application Relative humidity 4-100% condensing Safety class class I Inverter technology transformerless Cooling passive + fan Dimensions, hxwxd 970x650x260 mm 38.2 x 25.6 x 10.2 inches Weight 75 kg 165.3 pounds Grid output (AC) specifications Grid voltage 400/230 V (3/N/PE) ± 20% Nom. output power 30000 VA Max. output power 30000 VA Max. output current 3x 48 A Frequency 50/60 Hz Power factor > 0.99 at full power Reactive power control 0.80 inductive .. 0.80 capacitive DC current injection < 0,25% In RCD integrated; 30/300 mA DC sensitive Low Voltage Ride Through (LVRT) integrated Standby power < 2 W EU efficiency 97,9 % Max. efficiency 98,1 % AC connection IP67 3-phase, suitable for 6-16 mm² cables Regulations & directives CE conformity yes Nat. grid requirements VDE0126-1-1; VDE AR-N-4105; BDEW; RD1663; G59/2; Synergrid C10/11; CEI-021; G83/1-1 Communication & monitoring Display multi-language graphical LCD display Diagnostics datalogger with 10 year memory Communication 2x RS485 connections / MasterBus field service interface / MasterBus string box interface Solar input (DC) specifications Max. input power 33000 W PV power range 26000-37500 Wp Start-up power 20 W Operating voltage range 200-980 V MPP voltage range at nom. power 440-800 V Nom. voltage 650 V Max. voltage 1000 V Number of inputs 2 sets PV Phoenix Contact connectors Number of MPP trackers 2 MPP trackers Efficiency MPP trackers (static/dynamic) > 99.9 % / 99.8 % Nom. input current 2x 34 A FlexPower 2:1 Max. power per tracker 20,6 kW

Price: ZAR79,000.00


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